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Food & Crafts

What is a festival without Funnel Cake and Kettle corn?  

     There is plenty to eat at the festival from hot dogs and hamburgers to pizza,                          gourmet sandwiches and crab cakes.  Try a sizzling bratwurst, piled high   
     with sauerkraut, straight off the grill with a cup of fresh squeezed 
      And then for dessert?  Strawberry sundaes on your choice of ice cream or 
      cheesecake with a heaping spoonful of freshly sliced berries and whipped cream.
                                                                      2017 Food Vendor Guidelines

What is a festival without Crafts? 

     Once you have eaten take a stroll through the Craft Village to work off 
     those few extra calories!  There are over 40 booths in the Village offering
     unique items from copper garden sculptures, stoneware pottery and
     watercolors to handmade clothing, native plants, West African baskets
     and lots of different styles of jewelry.  Pick up something for yourself or 
     someone you love.  
     If you are interested in being a Crafter this year follow the link below!  
     Crafter Application 2017

2017 Crafters


Holly Hagen - Creative Capes (for kids)

Judith Ruediger - Dolly Duds (doll clothes)

William Howell - Tie-dyes (clothing, accessories, personalized name rings, etc.)

Eric Buckland & Don Hakenson – Mosby’s Rangers books and DVD

Luis Santillan – New Age Clothing and Handicrafts (sweaters, shirts, instruments, friendship bracelets)

Fabian Santillan – Sunshine Handicrafts (sweaters, dresses, bags)

Bridget Foster – Sand Art

Igor Nasibyan – Paper cut silhouettes

Edward Faine – Children’s Books

Fay Papaj – Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Karen Porciello – Just What I Was Looking For (jewelry and jewelry organizers)

Donnie Rexrode – Don’s Woodcrafts (toys, trains, step stools, rocking horses, etc.)

Melisa Dent – Jewelry

Paul Clevenger – Copper Garden Art

Daniel Andre – Knights of the Classroom (medieval chainmaille items)

Lori Sowers – Hidden Treasure Jewelry

Buddy Lane – Chocolate Moonshine (fudge)