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We welcome all of our parishioners to support our church through joining one of our committees. We also welcome you to let us know any ideas you have on how you would like to best support the church.  Whether through starting a club, creating an event or beyond; we look forward to hearing from you!

Buildings & Grounds

One of the gifts of our community is the grounds on which our church rests. The grove of oak and poplar trees, the simple, yet hallowed buildings are a gift to all who visit.


If you have a green thumb, consider yourself handy, or have a passion for fixing things please consider serving Emmanuel on our buildings and grounds team. Part of practicing good stewardship is maintaining the beautiful campus that’s been passed down to us!

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At Emmanuel we love to have a good time!  Coming together, whether in-person or virtually, brings joy to each of us. Emmanuel is more than a church; for many, it is an extension of our family.


With a  focus to coordinate church/community events and fundraisers, we look to explore new ways for Emmanuel to connect with the greater community.  If you're one that like to plan, organize or volunteer to help with any form of events, consider joining this committee. 

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Making sure that Emmanuel is visible to the public is important as we have a strong desire to support our local community however we can. 


The Focus of this committee is to ensure that Emmanuel’s print and online presence is vibrant, clear, informative and focused on our mission and vision.  If you have a knack for digital and print marketing or social media, reach out! 

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The rector is the ecclesiastical authority of the Parish. Rectors can be present with a Parish for many years but occasionally have to move on due to their own life changes. 


This committee is tasked with spearheading our current search for a new rector. They are responsible for the vetting and interviewing of potential candidates and for eventually making a recommendation to the vestry.

If you have been a member of our Parish for some time and know the values and mission of Emmanuel, join this committee to help us find our new, forever priest.  

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Do you have a background in finance and money management?  


This committee ensures that we are being fiscally responsible and engages in both short and long term financial planning in an effort to keep Emmanuel on financially solid ground.

If you feel you can contribute to helping us manage the financial aspects of the church, we welcome you to reach out.  

Praying Together


Emmanuel is currently looking to start an outreach committee!  

Outreach ministry is the church doing work in God's name to better serve our community.  Through community outreach we can create a platform for the churches evangelistic efforts.  

If you have a passion for serving others and a strong desire to support our local community, consider spearheading or joining this committee! 

Want More Information?
Want to join a committee?  Have other ideas on how you can support the church?  Reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.